Only a mole barrier really works!

               Do not despair by using shorttime lasting gadgets!                        

Choose the permanent solution

against mole trouble!

Once you got rid of one mole by using household remedies, another digger will arrive soon.

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We have had a lot of telephone chats with annoyed garden owners, all of them told us:

moles can be killed or trapped

      >> be sure weeks later another mole will occupy your lawn.

moles can be scared away

      >> be sure weeks later another mole will occupy your back yard.

Do not hesitate to contact us!   

We have a solution that really works:

Our horizontal mole barrier:   

MolEX - G     a HDPE-grid in different widths

                   to be built in under your new lawn/roll on turf                read more


If you do not want to renew your lawn, you should install our vertical mole barrier :

MolEX - F     a HDPE special foil h= 55cm   

                   to be built in around your existing lawn                          read more

Due to our 15 years experience we can say: it works. 


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