Vicky Wyer wrote:

"What I really cannot face is the incessant battles with the local mole population which has gone on for the last six years...... we tried everything - flooding the tunnels, battery operatedt sonic devices, solar powered devices, traps, with limited success. The ultimate indignity was finding a sonic device toppled by a fresh molehill - a sort of moley 'two-fingered' response. We had to find a more permanent solution by which we could both share the lawn. After a lot of research, we have come down in favour of a German product which allows the moles to tunnel beneath the lawn but prevents them producing molehills. An honourable compromise that should restore peace."

John Wyer, landscape architect, posted after renewing his own garden pond area.     

350 m² of our anti mole hole grid MolEX-G have been installed :

"The only downside has been the lawn, which has really struggled in the hot weather, although the mole-mesh has worked a treat - although the borders are filled with moles hills, not a murmur on the lawn - truce! Best of all is the sense of calm and delight every time I look at it."

It really works !